Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Whole New Blog!

Why did I start a new blog? Well, if you've recently attempted to enter you might have noticed that it will direct you to my tea site. That's because I just obtained the domain for I figured -- new website (to come) ... I need a new blog too!

Or perhaps I was just bored.
Anyway, my train of thought is this -- this blog will be dedicated to my artistic endcvours, while my Tea Journal will be refocused on my tea! So... please visit both -- often!

So... let's break this blog's cherry by uploading some of my most recent art projects......

This is an example of one of my charms I submitted for the January charm swap with I.C.E. I used guitar picks for them and made 21 charms. Each charm, while similar, is different. I was really thrilled with how these turned out.

This is for a "dangly" swap that I made for the bad baby group. We had a secret sister swap that we sent a small art supply and 1 "dangly" work of art. The work of art could be anything, so long as it had something that dangled... and this was what I made. It's an origami kimono that I folded using Italian paper. The kimono 'dangles' from a mini wire hanger, and beads and charms attached to fibers dangle from the hem of the kimono. I hope my secret sister likes it.

This is something... not-so-recent. I made this last year as part of a rolodex card swap. The theme of the swap was a self-portrait/contact card. At the same time, there was a little joke between me and a dear online friend of mine... and without going in to the long, drawn out story basically, what came out of the story was that I might (or might not) be a gnome in real life. haha! So... this is my response to that joke... me, as a gnome, painting a self-portrait, which is actually a quick pen sketched self-portrait.

I hope you enjoy the artwork! Thanks for stopping by!


runnergurl said...


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Shari said...

I love your guitar pick charm---and lucky me received one today in my ICE charm swap returns!!! I really liked all of the charms I received, but yours was one of my favorites. I also liked your dangly kimono. I actually liked it enough to jump on over to the Bad Babies group to sign up!!!! Looking forward to future swaps with you.
-shari schneider