Saturday, May 3, 2008

Domino Workshop Update & More Altered Books!

Alrighty everyone, I'm nearly ready to get the domino workshop off and running (and only about 5 months LATE!)... we just got a new computer which I will be hooking up within the next couple of days (we have to do some back up disks of information on this computer first), and as soon as I have that up and running, I will dedicate myself to getting the domino workshop going! I'm very excited about this! Woot!

And I've still been working in altered books... This is a pic of an altered book spread I finished last week for Tanya's Angels book...

I really don't think the scan did this one justice, it's really much nicer in person... The gold and silver paints shimmer really nicely. I am very happy with this spread. I hope that Tanya likes it!

Oh... and in case you haven't checked out my tea journal lately... I have a new tea out now! It's Green Apple Tea... if you like flavored green teas, this one may be right up your alley, and for those who are somewhat timid when it comes to green teas (I used to be, so I totally understand it!) you should give this one a try... the flavors are so exquisite! Yum!

Hope your weekend is going well, mine is!

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Gloria Hanes said...

Anne, this spread is amazing! I love it.

Gloria Hanes
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