Monday, November 29, 2010

Yeah, yeah, I know... you've heard this before!

But it has been quite a while since my last post!
I've been busy with closing up the tea business. I am nearly finished with that, and the up side to this transition is that I now have more time to focus on my art. I was spending so much time working on the business end of the business, and that took away from time for my art (not to mention time with my family!)
I joined a 12 Days of Christmas swap, and here is what I made (Hey, if you're in the AAWA group, don't peek!)
I don't feel like the photos really do these justice because the camera doesn't pick up the glimmer of these (not to mention the fact that I'm not a great photographer!) I am really happy with how well these ornaments turned out. I am day 1 - and although it wasn't intentional, these turned out looking a bit like a pear... which works for my particular day.

Here's another photo... again, the photo suffers from being taken by a terrible photographer, but, it does show a slightly different view of the ornament...

Not that different... but, like I said, I am not the best photographer, and these really aren't that easy to take a picture of anyway. They're very sparkly and will look nice on a tree though!

That's all for now... I will hopefully update when I finish with my holiday cards, which I better finish soon because they need to be mailed!

Oh! And I almost forgot! Be sure to check out my newest endeavor!

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Calgaroo said...

I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..