Monday, March 12, 2007

OK... I'm going to have to change my template....

I just can't stand this stark white background... I'll change it after I post these next 4 pictures.

This next deco spread was for Cheryl's Dragonfly deco. It was a clever little deco design, with folded pockets, fastened with dragonfly eyelets, and each pocket held a little tag upon which we were to create. I really enjoyed this one far more than I thought I would, just because of the uniqueness of the design!

On the top left corner of this page, you might notice a little beaded dragonfly charm, which I beaded myself. I had fun with that. The scanned image doesn't reveal all the sparklies on this tag. Here's the flipside......
This next deco is one that I made for Gail's "My Secret Superhero Identity" deco. I decided that "EccentricPastiche" is actually my superhero identity -- tea lady & accidental artist extraordinaire! But then, that's not really a secret, now is it? OH well!
This was a fun deco too. The pages are ATC sized, with punched holes at the top to bind them with a binder ring.

I hope you enjoyed my little art show today! I hope to post more photos within the next couple of days. There are a couple more decos that I need to finish, and I also just finished a puzzle piece, not to mention a few more charms that I need to get finished!!!


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