Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday, March 31

Hi Everyone: I've been busy busy busy getting things ready for vacation next week... I won't be able to get much done next week, so I need to get the things done that I've committed to before Wednesday!
Here are the scans of my deco spread for Candio's "If I Ruled the World" deco. I had fun with this theme. If I ruled the world... mornings would start much later... and tea time would be any time... and in school... we'd have the 4 "Rs" -- reading, writing, arithmatic... and art! :)

I hope Candio likes.
Other things I've done in the past few weeks...

This is an ATC that I made as a "holder" for my fabric charms. I missed the fabric charm deadline, so I didn't get these out to the hostess in time, so these will be RAKs and gifts. I had fun making them. I haven't yet taken a pic of the charms, but when I do I'll upload them.
I have eight other ATCs ... they're all different, and I'll get those uploaded after our vacation. This will probably be my last update until after the vacation.
Thanks for reading along.


Annie said...

They are beautiful!!!

runnergurl said...

Love, love, love Candio's deco!
: )