Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22, 2007

Today has been a somewhat productive day... I managed to finish another page for the Infusion of Color swap I'm part of, today I finished Linda's Copper & Verdigris page, drying now. I will get it posted tomorrow (hopefully!)

Also I managed to get halfway finished with Anita's Violet & Yellow-Green page. I hope I can finish that tomorrow.

There are a couple of pages that -- hmmm.... I am like, ok... I'm making progress on them... then when I get that little bit of progress done on them, I hate what I've done! So, then it's back to the drawing board.

Also finished are my black and white charms... they're airing out now. I was going to get some boxes for them, but instead I decided to just make a simple 'tag' for them and stitch them onto the tag... this will be a lot easier... Plus, I think it will be fun, because I can coordinate the tag with the charm.

Well, I haven't got any "new" art to show you -- that is, art that I've made within the last week or so... but here is a pic of a domino doll I made a couple of months ago for a EphemeralNotions boxanotions swap.

The object I chose to swap was a "rust doll" -- so I made this domino doll that I rusted using a patina product, her name is Rusty. She was fun.

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