Sunday, September 2, 2007

Graffiti Fat Book

I am so way behind on posting this... haha! The story of my life, right?
I have really enjoyed doing fatbooks lately. One of the more recent fatbook pages I've created was for a Traci Bautista-inspired Graffiti book.
First off... let me explain how I create fatbooks... I start with a "canvas" (I usually use a cut to size piece of cereal box that I've primed with gesso) that's 8 x 4. By measuring out my base to 8 x 4, it allows me to create a backside on my page as well as the front. There are some fatbook artists that do not work the back of the page at all, and the stark white back stands out in the book -- and not in a good way! So, I try to keep a sort of continuity with both sides of the page.
Here's my 8 x 4 page

This scan doesn't show the full effect of my page, because I finished each page with some soft gel medium for texture, and then a sprinkling of ultrafine glitter for some much needed sparkle.

Then, I added some random stitching with some handspun, handpainted wool yarn that I purchased from Crystal, and then I added some fun furry fiber.

I really loved the finished texture of this page. And the finished product... the book I got back... ohhhhh... it was fabulous! I was so thrilled with it!


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