Thursday, June 5, 2008

My new Gingher Scissors

I have known for a long time now that I really needed to buy a new pair of scissors that were designated only for my fiber arts -- I have several pairs of scissors that are for paper cutting, my favorite are the short blade Kai scissors, these work fabulously for detailed cutting.

But, as any fabric/fiber artist can tell you, when you use a pair of scissors for cutting paper, it dulls the blade and you really need a separate pair of scissors for fabric/fiber use.

However, I've held out buying a new pair of scissors that would be designated for fiber/fabric, mostly because I know myself well enough to know that unless I bought a pair that was a 'true investment' (read: expensive enough) that I would end up using those scissors for paper eventually, thinking "oh, it will be alright to use them for paper this once." Then, I'd need a new pair of scissors... and I'd continue that cycle until I made that true investiment.

So, last week, I had a 50% coupon for Michaels, and decided it was finally time to make that true investment... mostly because I've been dabbling more in fiber arts, and I was tired of trying to use my Kai scissors for fabric cutting. So, I did it... I invested in a gorgeous pair of Ginger Knife Edge Dressmaker shears. This pair reminded me of Gramma, these are the same kind of shears she used in her sewing nook -- one of my first "safe places" I could remember... one of my most cherished memories would be to have Gramma at work at her sewing machine while I sat next to her and stitched some pictures by hand on some of her scraps. I felt so safe and warm right there next to Gramma.

So, warm, toasty memory aside... these scissors were SO WORTH the investment. They are so amazing. And enough of an investment that I'll keep them safely in their special tin when they're not in use -- on FABRIC only!


PS: thank you to GAIL for telling me about Gingher a few years ago -- yeah... it took me this long to finally break down and buy a pair!

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Runner Gurl said...


Your welcome, Anne. I've always known there was a stitcher gurl inside you just WAITING to get out!!