Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Altered Book Spread!

Hello Everyone:

I've been a bit behind on getting art work that I owe out to those I owe it to... but I think I'm finally caught up and I feel like I can finally start committing to some new projects. (Shh... I can't say that too loud in case my hubby is listening. He will say "You're never going to work on that garage, are you??? LOL)

Anyways... I had Cheryl's altered book for quite some time, I actually received it just before the move, and unfortunately I didn't have time to work on it then because I was in the process of packing and organizing the move with movers, etc... so I just didn't have the time to be able to even think about art... much less the energy (or even the art supplies as I needed to pack them up!) So I've had this book for quite some time, and I actually started working on it shortly after we got moved in and settled, but, I just was never satisfied with the direction I was taking the artwork.

So I would start over. If Cheryl looks at the spine of the book, she will see that I went through quite a few pages to not only stabilize the surface to work on, but, also because when I wasn't happy with what I had done, some of the pages were sacrificed... sorry about that, Cheryl!!! I do hope she isn't upset with me about that.

Anyway, after working and reworking, I finally developed something I could be happy with... and if you look closely at the spread, you can see all the many layers within... and that inspired me to sketch the rose that I then cut out and added to the spread... because roses are also multi-layered, I figured that the multiple layers of the spread just seemed to fit in with the idea of a rose.

This is the first spread:

And this is the second spread...

I hand stitched the beading on the edge of the paper. I just felt like it needed a little sparkle and these little beads were so pretty.

Anyways... I hope that Cheryl likes the work I put in to her book...


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