Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Decos...

Well, just one more deco, actually. . .

This is one of the pages that I created for Betsey's "Owl" deco.

I wasn't really sure what I'd create for this deco, the theme, however simple, seemed to confound me. I didn't have any readily available owl images, and I'd never attempted drawing an owl freehand. However, A few weeks ago, I was simply doodling and among my doodles was a paisley shape, and as I started to doodle into the shape, it occurred to me that it is a basic shape of an earless/hornless owl. So, my original idea was to create a paper-pieced "Paisley Owl" but none of the owls I was piecing together really spoke to me, they were all just a bit too cutesy for my liking.
In the meantime, at a local stamp store sale (sadly, they've gone out of business!) I found a really cool owl stamp, so I decided that I'd use that in my layout for Betsey's deco. Then, as I sat, contemplating how I'd create the layout (I had a bit of a challenge, because my two pages for the deco were separated by a 2-sided, open-faced layout... so I actually created "two" layouts as opposed to 1 2-page layout) so that the two pages would look somewhat cohesive and yet would be able to stand alone. As I sat there thinking about how I was going to work it all out, I "saw" an owl out of this piece of felt on my work table. It was just a plain, small rectangular piece of felt, but, I could see an owl in it... so I started cutting... and the above spread was born. It's really a very simple page, yet it's complete. I am really happy with how it turned out, and I hope that Betsey is too.
The second page was a poem about a wise old owl that I found by an unknown author, written on a similar background with white gel ink. I am pretty satisfied with it.
Now... I'm deco-less again...

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