Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Charming!

One of my favorite artforms is art charms. I love to alter little tiny things, and charms... by necessity, are tiny.

However, because of my crazy schedule this year, I've hardly had much time to create any art at all... the move took a lot of my time, and now since everything is *still* packed in the garage (although, it's slowly... slowly... ever so slowly taking shape), it makes it difficult to get to anything to work on anything.

Anyway... I joined a couple of charm swaps recently as a member of Amber Dawn's charm group. The first one was an Alice in Wonderland themed swap.

Each of the 10 charms I made for this swap have a different image, but, the basic idea behind each was the same. Each charm is on a scrabble tile, with a tiny, pale blue Swarovski crystal bead on top, and the bottom is adorned with a heart shaped bead and a little blue bead. (These details are a bit difficult to make out because the scan is a bit blurry -- hey, it's a very teensy, tiny bit of art!)

My original plan was to have a rose bead on the bottom (painting the roses red!) but, unfortunately, the red rose beads that I had ordered for these charms never arrived. So, instead, I made a mad dash to the bead store and found these little heart shaped beads, thinking that the queen of hearts would approve.

I made this bit of digital art to serve as the tag attachment for the charm...

I also made another set of charms, and I'll post tomorrow about those!


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