Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Starry Night

It's no big secret that my favorite painting of all time is by the Master Vincent Van Gogh -- Starry Night. This painting moves me like no other painting, the brush strokes speak to me of the pain and the anguish that affected the life of Van Gogh, and yet the bits of light throughout the painting demonstrate a sense of hope to me, hope that maybe there is light even when life is at it's darkest. It's the most powerful work I've ever encountered.

So, when I joined a "masterpiece" charm swap, where we were to showcase a masterpiece by an art master, it only made sense to me to use Starry Night as the featured artwork for my charms.

Now, the scan is not great, because of the dimension of the Swarovski crystal. But I think that the scan provides enough detail so that you can see what I've done. Rather than using the crystal to highlight the moon, which is the brightest light in the sky of starry night, I used it to accentuate the star that sits just right of the cypress tree, with the intent to draw one's eye to my favorite part of the painting, the tree itself.

My studio is finally taking shape! Believe it or not! And... I can't even take credit for it, it's the work of my husband, who finally got tired of waiting for me to start working on it that he went out there and did it. It's not all done, I still have quite a bit of organization to do, but, at least it looks like a studio now, and I can actually sit out there and do some work!

Which was a nice change from finding some space in the house to work on something and getting it all scattered about, which is what I usually do! So, thank you, my dear husband, Mat, for your hard work, it's greatly appreciated.


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Nancy said...

Your charms are so charming!