Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm getting toward the finishline!

At least, I think I am! I have been working my tail off to get myself caught up. I'm still behind on a few things, but, I hope to get them finished by the start of next week ... and I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

A few things though -- I do foresee another delay in the 'zine. :( I'm sad about that, but it's unavoidable. No excuses -- I've just been occupied with other things to be able to sit down and actually finish work on it. I'm nearly finished with it, however, the most difficult part (at least for me) is still to come, and that's the proofing and editing. I have a bit of a perfectionist side to me, and that, paired along with the noisy inner voice trying to shoot me down telling me that I'm not really an artist... well, these two aspects start gunning off in my head, and I end up proofreading the entire text 12 times before I am satisfied with it.


Anyway, I know I won't have it to the printers by the end of April. I hope sometime in May, it will be on it's way, but it may be as late as mid-June ... it will really depend upon how I'm doing with a few other commitments that I have -- I want to have everything else out of the way -- FINISHED! -- when I get the pages back from the printers so that all I have to focus on is assembly, which is a monumental task in itself. When I have too many things distracting me from that, I am not able to focus on it the way I want to.

I do have some art to post! I finished some chunky book pages earlier this week -- it's a different kind of chunky book in that the pages will be ATCs, rather than 4x4s. The concept is "dreaming tree" ~ here's my submission to the book:

Every page is original (not photocopied or digital), so each of the 33 cards is slightly different. The backgrounds were created using alcohol inks and copper metallic ink, and the tree was painted using india ink. The tree patterns is where most of the differences lies in each card, because I handpainted the trees rather than stamped them, so each tree has it's own unique characteristics.
It was a lot more time consuming than I anticipated too! I had hoped to get these mailed in at least a week before the deadline, but, with all the different layers -- and wait time for drying -- I was right at the deadline! Oh well, at least they're off and on their way now!
*big sigh of relief!*
Well, that's all for me today... I still have a lot of other artwork to post, and will do that as soon as time allows for it.
Enjoy the day! (and don't forget to take along your favorite cuppa tea!)

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