Saturday, February 7, 2009

Artfire Finds!

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow, it's 10:41 am on a Saturday... Usually, I'm still asleep!

Before I get to this edition of my Artfire Finds, I want to mention a few things... first of all, I closed my yahoo group, EccentricPastiche, last night. It was a very painful thing to do, but, also, I felt it was a necessary thing to do. I didn't feel as though I was (No... I KNEW I wasn't) giving as much to that group as I once was. And that was incredibly unfair to the rest of the group, so I chose to close it.

However, for those who are interested in keeping up on the lastest concerning my 'zine, please feel free to join my newsletter. Sign up to the right of this post! Don't worry, I won't be spamming you with newsletters, I will only post a newsletter when there is news to post concerning my 'zine.

Second, I wanted to remind you to join!

Now... let's move on to the Artfire Finds! This week, we have a couple of jewelry finds, as well as an amazing photograph!

First, let's kick this off with a gorgeous fused glass pendant from AAE-artglass Studio...

Now, let me start by warning you, when visiting this Artfire studio, be prepared to want EVERYTHING you see! All of her pieces are simply stunning. Choosing a favorite was a difficult thing, but something about this particular piece - which she calls "Blue Canyon" - really spoke to me. I love the colors, and the swirls... it's a spectacular show!

What a great addition to any wardrobe, what a great conversation piece!

The photograph I'm going to share with you today comes from Spice of Life Designs Studio...

I found this photograph from Rainwolf (another Artfire Artisan), who Plurks with me, and posts a "photo of the day" on Plurk. This was one of the photos of the day last week and I just fell in love with the colors! So bold! The Glass Ceiling II is part of a series of photographs that were taken at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis.

Spectacular... and can you imagine what a burst of color this photograph would provide for your home? Wow!

My final Artfire find comes from Sunny Skies Studio...

It's been a long time since I've worn any ear jewelry (I allowed my ear holes to close up when I had my second child as I didn't want to go through the pain of having another tug on the earrings by the baby!) and it's been almost 2 decades since I've worn ear cuffs, but this work of art makes me think about wearing them again! And all of the jewelry found at Sunny Skies Studio is not only beautiful, but also affordably priced!

"Secret Garden" is a gorgeous earcuff, handcrafted out of sterling silver wire. Amazing!

So, that's my Artfire hotlist for today... I hope you enjoy what you see, and maybe it will inspire you to do a little shopping and support an artist or two!

And while you're shopping, don't forget my Weekend Rebate Special... this weekend only!!!

Thanks for reading along!

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SpiceofLifeDesigns said...

Thanks so much for including my photograph among your artfire finds!