Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have you joined byhand.me yet?

Hello Everyone!

I am having a lot of fun on the newest hotspot for all artists and lovers of handmade... byhand.me! It's absolutely free to join, it's a great place to hang out with other artists, and if you're an artist eager to sell your wares, it's a great place to promote yourself!

One of the newest features that have been added to byhand.me is the Spotlight feature, here's the most recent spotlight I created:

For those of you familiar with Etsy, as you can see, it looks a lot like an etsy treasury... and just as addictive to create... and you can use products from etsy, as well as Artfire, Made it Myself, Dawanda, 1000Markets and more. (Yeah, try that on etsy's treasuries! ha!) And here's the best part of all, you can make more than one! You don't have to wait until the treasury drops down to below 333 before you can make a treasury. You don't have to hope that you'll actually get a treasury (yeah, you and 600 other people racing to get a spot in the treasury!)...

In other words... SPOTLIGHTS ROCK!

And... perhaps even cooler is the Window Shopping feature! Here's an example:

This feature takes items that have been listed on previous spotlights, and randomly selects them. Hey... keep clicking on the "another" link above ... and check it out... what a fun way to shop!

Yeah... I'm having wayyyyy too much fun at byhand.me... why not join me?


PS: Check out my blog for a great end of the month sale!

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