Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the Seventh Day of Christmas ...

I must admit that I was REALLY excited when the groups were announced for this twelve days of Christmas swap, because, Jeri was in my group!  I've been doing this swap now for a couple of years, and I think that this is the first year that I was in the same group as Jeri!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy receiving art from all the artists, however, I really get excited when I have the opportunity to swap with an artist that I've not swapped with in a while.  I think the last time I swapped with Jeri - other than the fat book from earlier this year, which was a collected group effort, of course - was a tip-in swap from a couple of years ago. 

And, as you might of guessed, Day 7 is Jeri's day!

Here's what the wrapping looked like ...

Very cute and clever! 

And inside was this ...

I'm not sure exactly what it is ... but I love LOVE love it!  The mitten houses a little Santa Claus-y "stuffy" and the back of the stuffy has a pin in it.  That's the part that threw me!  I mean, from first glance, I thought, OK, this is a really cool wall decoration!  And this will look great on my wall (I'm thinking of hanging it up next to the stockings to add a bit of color and pizzazz to that section of the wall) ... but the pin in the back got me thinking ... is this a large broach or something like that?  Maybe something to pin on a warm, wooly outer coat (or in my case, cape ... I love my cape.  My gramma gave it to me.  It was one of the very last gifts she bestowed upon me before she passed away ... but I digress)

Anyway ... I really love this, it's so festive and adorably cute.  I hope it is not wrong to hang it on the wall, because I think it would add a really nice touch the the stocking wall.  (We don't hang our stockings on the chimney with care, because the tree is in the living room and the fireplace is in the family room, and we don't expect St. Nick to walk all through the house just to fill the stockings and leave our presents!  All that activity would surely awaken everyone ... even the mouse.)

UGH ... corny, yes, yes, I know.  Sorry.

OK, I'm out of here.  Thank you Jeri, for such a cute and remarkably unique gift.  I shall cherish it!

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