Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Another short post... I am so happy to have completed my second of eleven (well, actually 12 including a page for my own journal) pages for the infusion of color journal project!

I finished Gwenn's Cream to Sepia page. This was the first one I started, but, because I needed some images from altered pages, I stopped working on the page so that I could wait for the images to arrive. It's still a bit wet, so I can't share a pic of it with you just yet... I will scan it tomorrow morning though.

In the meantime, here is a piece I worked on last year. It's on a tiny canvas (about 4x5!)... and it's called Tea & Roses:

Ha! Looking at this canvas, I just realized that I used one of the same images for the cream to sepia page I just finished! :)



JerseyTjej said...

This is a very nice piece! i am visiting from Artful Gathering as she said you were handling the Ebay auction for her altered piece to Robin's charity. Will you post it here?

EccentricPastiche said...

Yes! When the fatbooks are listed on ebay, I plan on posting the direct link to the auctions on my blog, as well as let the artists who participated in the fatbooks know via group posts. Thank you for asking! ~Anne