Friday, January 23, 2009

I've been tagged!

Hello Everyone!

OK... so my tea journal was tagged, however, because the photo that I'm to tell you about happens to be art related, I thought I would carry out the tasks set forth in the tag on my Art Blog instead.

So... here goes!

Rosemary, from Rosemary's Sampler, has tagged me! This is a 6th Picture Meme Tag, and here's how it works...

The tagged individuals are to go to their picture file on their computer, and select the 6th folder, and then select the 6th picture from that folder, post it on their blog, and then tell the story behind the photo. And then, of course, you must tag 6 other bloggers...

While this should be fun for most people... well... the photo that happened to be the 6th photo in the 6th folder was... err... um... rather... surprising, and not really in a good way.

But, who am I to break the rules? So, I shall share with you the 6th photo in the 6th folder of my picture file....

Brace yourself. This isn't going to be pretty.


eeeeeep! Yeah... so for any one out there that might not know what this is... (I have a feeling that at least some of the artists out there know what this is... at least I HOPE so) this... is a picture of my art studio.

The Story Behind the Photo

So where does one begin when they are going to attempt to explain the mess that is their art studio? Do I defend the mess? Do I dismiss it? Do I admit proudly that yep, that's my studio, and it's all mine? Or perhaps, take the opposite approach and say, this isn't mine... it's a friend's art studio? haha

Anyway... yep, it's my art studio. And actually, this is kind of a mid-way point photo. It DID look worse. Way worse... but the truth is, when it looked worse, it also was completely unpacked... you see, we just moved back in August, and up until about 2 months ago, everything that you see in this mess of a photo was packed in boxes which were stacked on top of each other in some sort of intimidating, oversized wall of packed boxes.

It was very overwhelming, to tell the truth, and my hubby went out there and helped me start to unpack and organize.

Right now, it still looks a bit like this, but there have been bits of improvement, for example the first, circular table was cleared off, and the empty boxes have been broken down and recycled. There are still several boxes to unpack, but things are looking better. It's just so darned cold right now and hey, it is a garage... so as you can imagine, it's as cold as the outside (I contend that it's actually colder because it's an enclosed space), so it's not really inspiring to go out and organize while feeling your fingers become numb from the cold.

So, yeah, that's my art studio... (don't worry, I don't blend my tea in there!!!) And that's my story behind the picture!


Now, for the tagging part:

Let's see, how about I tag some artists as well as tea fans?

1. Valerie at Tea and Trinkets
2. Rebecca at SoapDeliNews
3. Amber Dawn at Inventive Soul
4. Jeri at Artful Gathering
5. Sherry at Hair Ties Galore N More
6. Patti at Shine Your Hiney Soap Co.

So... ladies, I'm tagging ya... now, you need to show us your 6th picture meme!!! And don't forget to tag 6 others!!


PS: Please check out my Tea Journal for a chance to win a print from Infivision's Artfire Studio!!!


Rosemary said...

Everybody has some room where they really just want to keep the door closed... you have shared it all, brave soul. We do understand moving, and the upheaval that creates though! However, I think this picture perfectly explains your blog title! Thanks for playing!


hi, i recently posted about what a disaster my studio is, so we are birds of a feather..........everytime i start to get a hold of it, something comes up and i've got to get to work in the space and uh oh, back to square one.....every artist i know has this issue. i may be at the stage of acceptance....

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