Saturday, January 10, 2009

Setting Up Shop!

Hello Everyone!

Have you heard about Artfire? I have only just learned about it over the past week or so. It's a new website that is dedicated to artists and their wares.

It's free to set up a shop with 10 items or less. No listing fees, no percentage of the sales fee. This is a site that understands what it is to be a starving artist!

I currently have two studios at artfire... one for my tea: Liberteas

And one for my mixed media art and my 'zines (if I ever finish another one!): EccentricPastiche

And yes, I do still have my etsy store open. However, as items drop get close to expiration on etsy, rather than renewing them there, I plan to put them up at Artfire.

So... please stop by and check out artfire.


PS: also... try this tumblr blog... it will show you some items listed on artfire at random... it's cool!

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