Saturday, December 25, 2010

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas ...


Well, I didn't do the second post yesterday like I had planned - yesterday was NUTS! I spent the morning doing the last minute shopping I needed to do for today. The afternoon was spent wrapping gifts, cleaning house and other last minute preparations for today.
So, I just didn't have the energy or the time to update my blog like I would have liked.

But what I do like, is the 11th day of Christmas artwork that I received from Shelly Rae Wood! It's beautiful! Check it out!

This is actually a brooch (or pin) because it has a pin back on it, but, I plan on making a simple little wreath - nothing fancy - but something that can nicely showcase this work because I want it to be on show next year! I love it! It's a little heavy to put on the tree, but I'm thinking either a wreath or perhaps as the centerpiece for a garland. Either would be really nice.

Thank you Shelly Rae! I like this a whole lot!


PS: Since I don't have to worry about holiday dinner tonight (we will have our holiday dinner tomorrow night since hubby had to work today), I will (or at least I should) have the time to post the 12th day of Christmas post. Let's hope that I will do just that!

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