Monday, December 13, 2010

On The Second Day of Christmas...


Well, today is the second day of gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas gift swap, and today's artist is: Carol Westphal!
I was so excited to finally open a package for this swap! They had been calling to me for weeks now, and since I was the artist of day 1, I didn't wrap a gift for myself. I guess I could have, but, I figured with all the work that I put into those ornaments, that I didn't need to make any unnecessary work for myself.

Anyways... on to the gift of day 2!

On the second day of Christmas, Carol Westphal sent to me.......

This adorable little ornament!

It went straight onto my tree. I really like this! My christmas tree is filled with handmade ornaments - mostly altered art and ATCs and stuff... and this will make a charming addition to my collection!

Thank you Carol Westphal! I love it!


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