Friday, July 13, 2007

July 13, 2007

Here's some more pages from the Infusion of color swap... First, Jo's Burgundy & Deep Moss Green page. . .

For Jo's page, I quoted the Genesis song "Home by the Sea" -- one of my all time favorite song... I love the haunting tone to it. The images I chose for this piece made me think of the song when I would work on it. I hope Jo likes!
Here is Jeri's Canteloupe & Honeydew page. . .

For Jeri's page, I chose lyrics from the song Locomotive from my all time favorite band, Guns N Roses. I don't know that the lyrics necessarily inspired me while I was working on this piece, but I really love them and felt they worked well with it.
And finally, Susan's Violet & Yellow-Green page. . .

This page started out as a "Traci Bautista" inspired work, but, as I continued to work on it, I found myself developing on that into something a bit different. I really enjoyed the challenge of these colors. I hope Susan enjoys the page I've made for her.
Hopefully I'll post more tomorrow night, if not, then I'll post the rest on Sunday, before I mail them all out! This has been fun!

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