Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007

It's been a while since I've posted... So I figured this was long overdue!

I do have some artwork to share with you. First, I have Teresa's Raspberry & Tangerine page I made for the Infusion of Color swap. Here's side one:

the scan of the page is not so great, because it really seems to concentrate the colors, and minimizes the impact of the tangerine addition. The colors are very bold and bright, almost more than I'm used to working with -- I think that's one reason why this page gave me so much difficulty, I'm used to working with more muted tones.

Because Teresa chose tangerine as one of her colors, every time I started to think about this page, the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" kept playing in my head... which is why I decided to use the song as my journal writing for this page.

Side 2......

I am happy with how these turned out, I loved working with the bright tones, I loved the challenge, even though it took me a while to get 'round to working on it!

Here's hoping that Teresa is as fond of it as I...

Let's see, something else I've been working on ~ Charms! These charms are for a "Black & White" charm swap, which required us to use only -- black and white! Here's a scan of the charm I made for this swap...

Note to self: One thing I noticed after scanning this charm is that my scanner glass is dirty! Must clean it! Ack!

This is actually Version 2 of this charm... I had made the original set of charms on smaller lalique tags, but, after I finished them, I was not content with them, I feared the back needed 'something' -- so I then decided to paint the backs of the tags with black india ink. This was a mistake, because it darkened the whole charm, and the paisley lost it's ~flair~ so, I grabbed this other set of lalique tages I had in my stash, and recreated the charm... these are a bit larger, although not too large for the swap. I hope that they are enjoyed by the others in the swap.

Well, that's all for now. I hopefully will be able to post tomorrow with pictures of the Burgundy & dark moss green page I made for Jo & the Yellow, Orange, Pink & Red page I made for Red for the Infusion of Color Swap... Thanks for reading along!


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inventivesoul said...

Everytime I see Paisley I think of you!

Cool charm design!
I cannot wait to wear one!!!