Friday, July 27, 2007

UHU Product Review!

I am WAYYYYY behind in doing this product review. I'd like to offer my apologies to UHU... as I received your product in the mail, I also had several other projects going at the same time, and things just piled up! Now that I feel caught up on my projects, I feel comfortable to talk about UHU Creativ Fabric Glue...Another part of my postponing this review is that I consider myself more of a paper artist -- fabric & fibers are more of an embellishment for me, rather than a medium. So, for this paper artist, I felt a little "lost" as to what I was going to use this glue for... but at the same time, excited, because it was an opportunity to try something that I probably wouldn't have normally considered using.

For my project, my yahoo group, EccentricPastiche, held a "teabag book swap" where we made little handmade books using unopened teabag envelopes as the pages, binding the book with a handsewn binding. I will talk more about this project in another blog entry, because this entry is to be dedicated to my review of the project itself. Here is a photo of my finished project.

The cover of the teabag book is needlefelted. Once I had sewn the pages into the center of the cover, I used the UHU Creativ Fabric Glue to adhere the fringe-y ribbon to the wool felt. The glue does take a while to dry, which tends to be frustrating for the impatient artist in me.

However, once it's dry, it's FABULOUS! The hold is superior to other methods I've used in the past to adhere ribbons to fabrics. (Note: I am NOT a seamstress, as those who know me can attest, so actually SEWING ribbons on to fabric is not a feasible option)

Once I adhered the ribbons to the wool felt, I used the glue around the edges of the felt to create a 'no fray' border around the felt. The purpose of this step was two-fold, first, while wool felt doesn't necessarily 'fray' the edges do tend to be a bit 'loose' on needlefelted wool. The glue line held the loose fibers around the edges to the rest of the felt. It also provided a stable 'surface' for my stitched edging to 'hang on' to.
Again, the border of glue took a while to dry, but once it was dry, it became PART of the fabric... the only way to remove it was to cut it off. The bond is permanent and strong.
To learn more about UHU products and projects you can make with them, visit this blog:

Thank you to UHU for giving me this unique opportunity to try your product.


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