Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet Kristen from Kristen's Custom Creations!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today, we have a unique opportunity to get to know Kristen from
Kristen's Custom Creations! Kristen creates beautiful silver jewelry ... and if you have a something special that you'd like to express, Kristen can help you and create a custom piece for you that's just for you... and you alone! Here is an example of what you'll find at Kristen's Etsy shop:

This is probably my favorite piece in Kristen's shop, because it makes me smile! My youngest daughter and I often "argue" about who loves who more! Such a sweet little piece... I just might have to get this for her upcoming birthday! I recently interviewed Kristen... please read on to learn a little bit more about this artist!

How long have you been creating your art?

I have been ma
king jewelry for 12 years but metalwork for just over 2 years.

Where do you sell your art? - Kristen's Custom Creations

How do you market/advertise your store?

Most of my business is from referrals but I do market my business on my two blogs and I really do not spend much on advertising and don't feel you need to.

At what point did you decide to sell your art?

I started giving my handstamped jewelry as gifts and then by word of mouth had people contact me to purchase items and when I kept being asked if I had a website I decided it was time to open up a shop on Etsy.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out?

Don't expect the business to just come to you, you have to market your business and even if you only blog that is enough to get you started. Don't under price your items, I see many artists really under price their items. Regardless of what your competition is doing price your items so that you feel you are making a fair amount. Always under promise but over deliver to your customers and they will come back.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by so much around me but my biggest inspiration is my son, many of my pieces are sayings that we say to each other or from books we love. I like to create pieces that hold special meaning.

Every artist experiences "creative block" -- a creative dry spell -- how do you deal with creative block?

Here's how I handle this, I keep a sketch book of designs, so when it pops in my head I draw it and save it for a time when I'm ready to create. So when I get in a dry spell I just pull out my sketch book and I'm refreshed, some days I have 3 - 4 ideas for new pieces and I am just too busy to create new items.

How did you choose the medium you work with?

I really prefer to work with sterling silver since I love sterling but I am starting to work with some other metals. At heart, I am a Silver Girl!

How do you wish to be remembered?

The best part about creating custom pieces is the keepsake pieces that hold special meaning and when a customer tells me that the piece I created touched someone, that is how I want to be remembered, as an artist that made an impact through a piece of jewelry.

Who are your favorite artists (living and deceased)?

I love Monet and many of the artists in the impressionist period.

What blogs do you visit on a regular basis?

I actually have a few favorites and they aren't fellow artists, and they both make me laugh and are so real.

For anyone who might be reading, what shops would you recommend that they visit right now? has fab headbands, I personally own 6 custom headbands and I love for really adorable little pottery pieces that are stamped, love them! I also love your tea, it is my daily afternoon treat when I am working on orders.

Thank you Kristen, for this opportunity to get to know you a little better!


¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

Wow you're right! Her work is beautiful!

-AJ, 3zArt

Kristen Andrews said...

thank you so much for the feature! I so appreciate it and glad you like my work.

njm said...

Truly beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing information on a great artist.