Thursday, March 5, 2009

Postcard Art

Hello Everyone!

I have been working hard on several swaps... I finished most of this stuff last week, but I didn't sit down and sort through my scanned material until now... so, I thought I'd share with you a few of the postcards I made for the Spring Postcard Swap.

In all, I made 7 postcards. Yeah, I made the postcards, rather than altering existing postcards. The way I saw it, I could either alter some of the vintage and antique postcards I have in my stash, or I could go out and buy some new postcards, or, I could use some of my card stock and some of the piles of patterned paper I have in my stash... so I chose to go with what I already had on hand.

The theme of the swap was to be "Spring" and since Spring is a pretty broad theme that can be interpreted a number of ways, I decided to go with my own interpretation... and what I think about when I think about Spring... and that would be the Cherry Blossoms of Washington DC. Yeah, other things come to mind too, not just Cherry Blossoms... however, I've visited Washington DC twice, and both times were amazing... but one thing that I missed both times was the showy display of the cherry blossom trees along the Tidal Basin.

So these postcards are a celebration of the beauty of Cherry Blossoms. Only the first 2 postcards are Asian inspired. The one connective link between the seven cards in this series is the set of 3 cherry blossoms with rhinestone center...

Here's one more with a more vintage look...

I'll post the final four cards tomorrow!


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marciamenendez said...

Those are Fab! I love the Asian inspired cards