Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Last Tip-In

Jeri chose Vintage Ladies with Umbrellas as her theme for the tip-in swap. This is the tip in I created for her...

The scan doesn't really show it very well, but there are quite a few layers to this piece. And of course, the scan doesn't show the sparkle of the rhinestones in the center of the silk flowers either... I am really happy with the way this tip-in turned out, although for some reason, I was a bit intimidated by the theme (which I don't really understand why, as much of my artwork tends to be more vintage-y, so this should have been right up my alley!)

Anyway, I hope that Jeri likes the tip-in. I had so much fun with this swap, although it's a bit uncomfortable to step outside of your comfort zone -- and tip-ins were a step outside that comfort zone since I've never made one before! -- it's also a lot of fun to challenge oneself to create something with which they're unfamiliar.

Thanks for reading!


LaMirabelle said...

I wish I had a picture like this! :)

Kerry said...

Lovely! :)