Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Decos, Tea & ATCs...

Hello Everyone!
Well, I'm long overdue on this deco spread, I just had so many things going on at once that I shut down from being overwhelmed (an unfortunate symptom of the anxiety thing), and so I just couldn't pull myself out of the "ickies" long enough to work on anything.

However, things have lightened up some, and I'm feeling productive once again. This past weekend, I finished my spread on Julie's Elements deco... this was a very challenging deco for me, we could choose 1 of the elements, but couldn't repeat an element already chosen... since "wood" was one of the remaining ones, and I had just received some "wood" scrapbook paper, I felt inspired enough to select the wood spread... of course, I could have left the "wood" page for Gail, who has some particularly interesting fabric that could have been used on the spread... but, err... ... well, nevermind...

As you can see, the scan cut off the far right side of the spread, and while I did scan the other side of the spread separately, for some reason, it didn't show up in my scan folder when I went to load them here, so, you'll just have to be content with what you see here. :) I hand sketched the trees in the background against the wood paper.... and the dimensional tree in front, as well as the little fence... are actual wood that I found at the craft store. This was a fun deco... and I hope that Julie likes.

Now... on to some ATCs that I recently worked on... These are 3 in my Autumn Batik Series.

Lately, I've also been working on some tea blends... most notably, I've been working on a "Winter Wonderland" blend, that I hope to have finished in time for Ridgefield's craft bizaar the first weekend of December... I'm working on something that will have a bit of a warm, spicy flavor with orange and cranberry notes. I'm also working on a "Fresh Cookies" blend, with flavors that will remind you of gramma's house after she's baked some warm, yummy cookies!
I guess I should have added this information on my tea journal, huh? LOL Maybe I'll head over there in a bit.

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