Friday, November 23, 2007

We Survived!

We made it back home about an hour ago from our Black Friday Shopping... it wasn't as rough on our pocketbooks as previous years, but, the crowds seem to be growing and growing!

We got most of the things on our list (and then some) -- but there were a couple of things we had planned on getting that were sold out too. Ah well, that's the risk you take when you leave the bulk of your holiday shopping to Black Friday, I suppose.

Anyways, some good did come out of it all (besides the bargain on the Guitar Hero III):

1) I am reminded this time every year just WHY I blend my own tea and prefer it over the chai lattes available from starbucks. Sure, I don't have a milk steamer (yet) and so I add a splash of unheated/unfrothed half and half to my chai instead. And... I don't even brew my chai the same way (they use a concentrated blend that is a tea steeped in milk rather than in boiling water -- I prefer the boiling water method)... but, even without the fancy steeping method and steamed, frothy milk, my chais are still better!

2) I am reminded this time every year just why I don't like the malls much anymore, and why I prefer to do most of my shopping online.

Anyways... how about some art? This isn't new... exactly... although it is from a currently ongoing deco round robin...

This is the cover from my Garden Tea Party deco. I am waiting on it to come home -- I can't wait to see what the others did! Here is the first page of my inside spread...

and here's page 2...

So, that's all for now... coming soon... some pictures of the ornaments I've made for the upcoming artisan's fair!

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