Friday, November 2, 2007

Skelly Stuffy

I've been so out of it... not feeling entirely creative... I've made a few things in the past few weeks...... a one page swapper 'zine, a witch in a jar (which broke -- apparently the witch was actually a squib, because she didn't reparo her environment when it shattered!), and Mr. Skelly Stuffy.... who is modeling below...

He came about pretty organically. I actually started out with a drawn out pattern on cardstock, but, my first Skelly... um.... well, let's just say, it's back to the graveyard with him. So, I decided to toss the pattern and just create...

He's completely hand stitched (no machine), and... my lack of sewing skills is more apparent in some areas than others... but overall, I'm pretty pleased with him and he's got his own sort of charm. I sent him off to a new home, to live with my secret art pal!

But... a bonus! My oldest daughter actually asked me to make one for her! That made me feel good.

OK, well, that's all for now. :) Thanks for reading along.

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