Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Black Friday...

And it's 5:05 am currently... yep, I'm up to commence the "tradition" my hubby and I seemed to have started a few years ago... waking up at hours meant only for sleeping to head out into the cold cruel retail world and shop for gifts. When you think about it, it's really quite ridiculous to continue with this ritual. We have succumbed to the commercialization. Sad. Very very sad.

But, hey, what can I do? I can't "make" a Guitar Hero III bundle set (which is on sale at Target for 85 bucks today), I can't "make" my little pony playsets. :( And these are the treasures that top the lists of my daughters this year. Yes, and the maxi glide hair straightening system, which is purchased online... yay! No crazy lines! Although... I really find the name of the hair system offensive... "maxi glide" -- sounds like some sort of feminine hygene product, not a hair straightening system. Right?

OK... I'm off to shop. Wish me luck!


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