Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back Online!

Wow... what a week! Last week, we finally took the computer in to the Geek Squad and we had our hard drive replaced (it was about to fail). When we got the computer back, and I loaded the OS, we found out that the network drivers were not included! So, while we did have a computer, we had no internet... so basically, we had an expensive deck of cards sitting on the desk!

*sigh* So, began the adventure of trying to get myself back online, which was quite a challenge for me, as I'm not the most computer literate person around. I think I finally exhausted the folks at Comcast, who finally sent someone out to help me... free of charge.

What I've learned from this adventure: 1) Just because you've purchased the service plan from Best Buy, does not mean that you'll get the service you think you will... this plan covers only the labor and the hardware, but not the software. 2) Create a back up disk often, and most importantly, you should have a back up disk of all necessary drivers! 3) Being persistant (if not just a bit frustrated) with Comcast might very well lead them to do things for you that they would otherwise not do (or charge you to do). 4) The freebie virus protection provided by Comcast is not all it should be. Do yourself a favor and invest in a reliable virus protection with frequent updating and keep your subscription up to date. This is probably the most important lesson I've learned.

So... now that I'm back online, I have some art to share with you...

This is one of a series of 4 "Pear" ATCs that I made for a recent Freestyle ATC swap on my yahoo group. I was really happy with how these turned out, each just a little bit different...

Also... my listings at etsy are doing quite well, be sure to visit my store to see my latest additions. Right now, I have several Teapot Cozies (I didn't make these, but they are hand-made by a friend of mine!), and a couple of domino ornaments!


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