Friday, December 28, 2007

On the 7th & 8th Day of Christmas...

Hello Everyone!

For the 7th day of our 12 day swap, we received a gift from Sherri! She packed her gift in an adorable little take-out style box. Inside the box was an awesome little book and a cool magnet!
Here's the book... I love the colors!
and the magnet! It was immediately stationed on my fridge!

On the 8th day, we received a gift package from Laura! And what an amazing package it was! She painted recycled tyvek envelopes and then decorated them with a cool vintage image...

I just love it when the packaging itself is a gift! Don't you?

Inside these cool envelopes was a bounty of FUN! Some cool postcards, fibers, sequin waste, and beads... plus... we got a fun cactus cowboy doll for a car antenna. I think I might have to host an altered cactus cowboy swap! haha! Also... we got a stash of colorful fabrics......

This has been such a fun swap. Today, we opened the last of our packages... so, I'll be back tomorrow to share more pictures of the goodies we received!


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