Saturday, December 22, 2007

On The First (and the second) Day of Christmas...

In one of my yahoo groups, I'm hosting a 12 days of Christmas Swap. We started opening our gifts on Monday, the 17th... so the gifts will actually continue through Christmas. But, it's been fun so far!
On the first day, we opened our gift from Teresa... a really cool Jacob's Ladder!

This shows only a portion of the six paneled ladder, but is a good representation of how lovely each panel is!

I really love this... it reminds me of some of the fun toys my grandfather used to make out in his woodshop... and it's already supplied me and my two daughters with hours of enjoyment! Thank you Teresa!

Our Second day's gift came from Debbie, who made something that was nice as well as practical! A tissue pouch!

Even though the fabric is seasonal, THIS is going to be in my purse year round! I love it! Thank you Debbie!

So... those are the first 2 days of Christmas Gifts. Today marks our half-way point of our gift opening... so I do have 4 more gifts that I could show you... but I think I'll save the fun... and share 2 more gifts with you tomorrow!

Thank you to alll the lovely artists who participated in this swap... I can't remember a time when I've had as much fun!


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