Sunday, December 2, 2007

Another UHU Review!

Hello Everyone:

As some of you may remember, I reviewed UHU's Creativ Fabric Glue some time ago. Well, I was given the opportunity to try another of their products last month...

This is UHU's Creativ Metal, Glass & Jewelry Glue. As you can see, it's a two part resin type adhesive. What I like about this particular formulation as opposed to say, another resin adhesive, is that the formula is a bit thicker for both the hardener and the resin. It makes it a lot easier to "eyeball" the measurements. Just squeeze a small amount of both tubes into the mixing pan (also included), side by side and then mix well.

I used this glue to help create my domino ornaments (as seen in my last blog entry and below). You'll have to forgive me, some of the images and details are difficult to discern, because we're dealing with dominos here, so everything is in a tiny size... not to mention the fact that I'm not the best photographer around!

I used the UHU Creativ Metal, Glass & Jewelry glue to adhere the tiny Australian Crystals, buttons, and spiral embellishments onto my Domino ornaments that I showcased at the Artisan Fair this past Saturday. I made about 75 ornaments total, and came home with about 30 remaining, so that's not too shabby!

One of the particular challenges that my domino embellishing presented is that you're applying the gems and embellishments to a shiny, smooth surface without much tooth... so it's important to select a very strong glue that will stay stuck to these types of surfaces.

The UHU Creativ Metal, Glass & Jewelry Glue is up to that challenge, as the embellishments seemed to become "one" with the ornament... as if they were molded together! These embellishments are NOT coming off without some significant effort to pry them off!

Another notable difference between UHU's Creativ Metal, Glass & Jewelry Glue and other 2 part resins, is that with many of the 2 part resin adhesives out there, you need to allow a couple of minutes for the resin to partially set before you adhere. With the UHU, there's no waiting time, it sets up right away, so that you can keep on arting! However, there is a downside to this benefit, because the quick drying time also means a quick drying time for the portion sitting on the mixing tray waiting to be used... so the unused portion would dry out before I was finished adhering all the embellishments... I strongly recommend having all of your embellishments ready to glue before mixing your glue to minimize waste!
Overall, I strongly recommend the UHU Creativ Metal, Glass & Jewelry Glue. A little bit of the glue goes a long way and after adhering embellishments to 75 dominos, I still have about three-fourths of the tubes left... so I have lots more left over for more charm making!
Thank you UHU, for allowing me to review your awesome product! To learn more about UHU, please visit Maria's UHU Project Blog. And thanks to everyone for reading along!

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