Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the 5th & 6th days of Christmas...

Day five belonged to Candice! And Candice treated us all to these nifty little ATC booklets! I just love these! Let's face it, when you swap ATCs you can never have too many ways to display them, it gets downright addictive swapping them that before you know it, your collection outgrows your albums! Not only is this little book a great gift... but an inspirational one! I love it!

The scan doesn't begin to reveal just how COOL these little booklets are. The flap opens up to reveal an accordion style booklet that have been corner punched to accomodate 10 ATCs. I just love this!

Day six belonged to Nancy... and Nancy gave us gorgeous art doll ornaments! Hopefully my camera will get to working soon, so that I can post pictures of them... I just love this little doll's hair! What a great addition to my holiday tree -- as one who grew up surrounded by boring Christmas trees... I am now committed to having trees with all unique and unusual ornaments! And... this one definitely fits in! A lovely, unique little lady!

Thanks Candice and Nancy, for such wonderful gifts! I love these little treasures!

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