Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On The Seventh Day of Christmas ...

It's 11 pm ... so I made it just under the wire to update my 12 Days of Christmas presentation here... sorry for the delay, but today has been busy, busy, busy!

For the Seventh Day of Christmas, we opened a plump envelope from Claudia! Inside the envelope, and serving as the fancy "wrapping" for the gift was a beautiful card. GORGEOUS card. Words cannot begin to describe just how lovely this card is, and although I will share the photo with you, the photo just doesn't do this card justice.

The background paper is an embossed, gold foil-ish kind of paper. Shiny and mesmerizing. It will be displayed proudly amongst my other holiday cards.

And tucked inside the card was this fantastic little ornament ...

Again, the photo doesn't do it justice. A beautifully sewn stocking for the tree. Love the fabric chosen for this, it is so festive and really, really lovely. It is now on my tree.

Thank you Claudia, I love these gifts!

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Nancy B said...

I'm enjoying seeing your group's gifties! I got to see Claudia's tree in person yesterday with this group's ornaments on her tree.