Monday, December 19, 2011

On the Sixth Day of Christmas ...

Well, here we are at the halfway mark! This has been a wonderful exchange, and I've been so thrilled with everything I've received thus far. I'm so honored to be among such talent in this group, I find myself feeling a bit insecure and wondering if my gift will be as appreciated as I appreciate each of the gifts I've received. I hope so.

For the sixth day of Christmas, I opened a gift from Teresa. Her gift was especially fun to receive, because it was delivered in beautifully wrapped canister ...

Like I said, fun! It was hard not to open it right away, but I was good and waited. Impatiently waited, but I still waited. Tucked inside the canister was not yet the gift, but another fun wrap!

COOL! I'm loving the wrapping as much as I'm loving the gifts this year. So much fun. (And again, my art friends, I promise to spend more thought and time on the wrapping for the exchange next year! I promise!)

Tucked inside this funky, cool shaped package was this gorgeous pendant ...

Amazing. I know it's supposed to be a pendant, but I really don't wear jewelry much, so I am thinking about hanging it on my tree instead. I just love this, so sparkly and gorgeous ... beautiful.

Thank you so much Teresa. Love the packaging, love the gift. What a wonderful surprise!

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