Friday, December 23, 2011

On The Tenth Day of Christmas ...

*sigh* this exchange is almost over. I really enjoyed it though. I love all the gifts that I've received, not only are they wonderful additions to my holiday decor but they are inspiring me to push myself to do even better next year with my 12 days gifts. I do think my gifts were pretty cool, I put a lot of work into them, but, I wish I would have been more creative with the wrapping. But, woulda-coulda-shoulda ... you know? Can't do anything about that now.

For the tenth day of Christmas, we received a gift from Joanne. As you can see, her wrapping was incredibly clever ...

Yes! She machine stitched all the way around the paper to seal the package, and the tag is also machine stitched. Very clever, indeed. I was almost afraid to cut into the package, but I took extra care to make sure that the gift was on the opposite side of where I was cutting, and this is what I found inside (be prepared to say aww! Because it's really cute!)

The collage image has been printed onto fabric, and just in case you can't tell from the photo, the wire is all curly and beaded!

I think after the holidays, this little angel is going to find a permanent home in my studio. (I think I've just about gotten my hubby talked into moving his "man cave" into the garage, and then we will move the "family" room which is basically a computer room into my oldest daughter's old room (she moved out last week - I'm still very sad about it), and then turn the family room into my studio. This would work out wonderfully for me, because I've pretty much been doing my art work in the family room anyway, because the garage is just TOO DARNED COLD in the winter, and in the summer it's too hot. There are only a couple of weeks out of the year when it's a comfortable climate. And I want to do my artwork more than just a couple weeks out of the year!

Anyways... just one more gift to open (I didn't wrap my own gift to me) in this exchange ... I'll share it with you tomorrow!

Thanks, Joanne, this is a lovely little angel!

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